Baseball Canada Championships: Semis begin after round robin wrap-up

August 26, 2017

OTTAWA – Championship pools are set as round robins came to a screeching halt at the Baseball Canada championships. Individual performances once again highlight a “scoreboard Saturday” that usually features the most action of the weekend.

See for yourself in the recap below.

13U National Championship

No stopping the North York train early on in this tournament, with the Ontario representative going 4-0 in the round robin stage of the tournament. They earn a spot in the semi finals with a win over host Repentigny 15-10.

They scored eight runs in the fourth, and rode big offensive performances from Kyle Mucin and Carson Lumley for the victory.


Quebec 4, Whitby (ON2) 10

Nova Scotia 7, Alberta 4

Prince Edward Island 5, Saskatchewan 10

North York (ON1) 15, Repentigny (Host) 10

Whitby (ON2) 5, British Columbia 7

Manitoba 6, Alberta 1

15U Ray Carter Cup

There is a log jam at the top of Pool B for the 15U national tournament, with both Alberta and Newfoundland tied at the top of the pool for first with a .500 record of 2-2.

However, Quebec is the decisive winner of the other pool. They hold a perfect 4-0 record. Nicolas Deschamps leads the tournament in average after the round robin, hitting an eye-popping .778 moving into the playoffs.


New Brunswick 8,  British Columbia 0

Newfoundland and Labrador 11, Saskatchewan 10

Manitoba 8, Nova Scotia 3

Prince Edward Island 1, Quebec 11

Alberta 5, Newfoundland and Labrador 4

Ontario 8, New Brunswick 0

QF: Nova Scotia 1, New Brunswick 4

21U Women’s Invitational

Semifinals are already complete in Stonewall, Manitoba – with Ontario and Quebec qualifying for the gold medal game.

Ontario blasted BC 11-1 in the first semi of the day, scoring three runs in the first and not looking back. It was a similar story in Quebec’s semifinal against Nova Scotia, as they put up a 10-run effort. Most of their scoring came in the first two innings – the team put up a four-spot in both the first and second innings.

Nova Scotia and BC will face off for the bronze in advance of the championship game to round out Sunday’s contests.


Ontario 3, British Columbia 2

Manitoba 3, Nova Scotia 9

SF: British Columbia 1, Ontario 11

SF: Nova Scotia 4, Quebec 10

Men’s Championship

BC and New Brunswick continue to be the best in the senior championship on the west coast – they’re the only teams remaining to hold 4-1 records.

BC’s most impressive victory came over Nova Scotia, when they launched 22 runs in a blowout victory. Pitcher Jamie Whitehead allowed one hit in three innings, while Tyler Yorko notched a home run and four RBI.

There are two semifinals on the docket today, featuring those two teams along with both Alberta representatives.


Mississauga SW (ON2) 12, Newfoundland and Labrador 4

Tecumseh (ON1) 3, Manitoba 2

Nova Scotia 8, Sherwood Park (AB1) 2

Red Deer (AB2) 4, New Brunswick 2

Victoria (Host) 11, Manitoba 7

British Columbia 22, Newfoundland and Labrador 1

Tecumseh (ON1) 3, British Columbia 11

Mississauga SW (ON2) 4, New Brunswick 5


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