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2014 Women's Invitational ChampionshipsAug 14-18   Surrey, British Columbia

Lots Happening!
August 08, 2014

Live-streaming of All of the Games at Whalley Athletic Ball Park Stadium!

Yes, for the first time at the Senior Womens Championships, we'll have live-streaming of all of the games at Whalley Stadium.  I'm sorry, but it was just not feasible to have it at Holly Park.  VBN Sports Network will be onsite with a full 3 camera crew and live play-by-play.  All games will be available online for 90 days "on demand" and we'll be offering DVD's of individual games for sale as well (pre-purchase required).  We couldn't think of a better way to grow girls/womens baseball across Canada than to showcase this event as we lead up to both the VI Womens Baseball World Cup in Mayazaki, Japan in September and the PanAm Games in Toronto in July 2015.  

Canada is currently tied for 3rd in the World Standings in Womens Baseball out of 13 International Teams that compete.  That is no small feat!  We have world-class athletes in this tournament who play at an elite level.  Other girls across this country need to see that this is possible and that their dreams can come true, too.  #throwlikeagirl is not just a slogan - you girls/women live it and prove it every day!

As a mom, I have been proud of my twins who have played with the boys since they were 5 and are now entering their 5th year of University.  As Tournament Director this year, I am extremely proud of 110 players from across this country who are coming to Whalley to play for the Senior Womens Open Canadian Championship.  Some are coming to develop their skills at this level and some are coming with the hopes of being one of the twenty that will be chosen for the National Team that will go on to represent Canada in Japan.  All of you have skills, grit, and determination worthy of being in the 2014 Canadian Womens Baseball Nationals.  Thank you for being here and showing that to those who will be in the stands and online! 

Well done all of you!