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National Championships : Intensity rises as teams head into the weekend

Some of the best Canadian baseball players were taking the fields today for day 2 of competition. While some teams took the lead, others gave their best effort to get redemption from yesterday’s games.

DQ® 13U National Championship:

The day began in a tight contest between Manitoba and Ontario. With the game being tied in the bottom of the seventh, Ryan Stalony singled, scoring one run and giving Ontario its first win of the day with a score of 8-7 against Manitoba.

On the mound for British Columbia’s second game of the tournament was Jaron Palaschuk who went six innings, allowing no runs on two hits, striking out 14, walking zero and ultimately leading his team to a 10-0 victory against Prince Edward Island.

Scores :

Manitoba 7, Ontario 8

Prince Edward Island 0, British Columbia 10

Woodstock (Host) 4, Alberta 14

Nova Scotia 8, Quebec Blue 6

British Columbia 1, Ontario 3

Manitoba 8, Quebec Grey 11

Saskatchewan 14, Woodstock (Host) 5


Ray Carter Cup (15U Championship):

New Brunswick and Saskatchewan now both remain undefeated on day 2 of the tournament. They take the lead of the standings with a perfect record of 4-0 as they move into the weekend.

The host team got its first win of the tournament in the last game of the night against Prince Edward Island. Scoring in all innings but one Oshawa kept the lead all game long, with 17 hits in the game and McMillan, Kressler, Mattes and Robichaud having multiple hits, they won 11 to 2 over Prince Edward Island.

Scores :

Saskatchewan 8, Alberta 1

Nova Scotia 4, New Brunswick 8

Newfoundland and Labrador 0, Manitoba 13

Ontario 2, Oshawa (Host) 0

British Columbia 3, Quebec 7

Saskatchewan 9, Nova Scotia 5

New Brunswick 5, Newfoundland and Labrador 3

Oshawa (Host) 11, Prince Edward Island 2

Manitoba 0, Alberta 4


16U Girls Invitational:

In Bedford, three teams have now emerged as the leaders of their pools. Alberta, Nova Scotia 1 and Newfoundland and Labrador all remain undefeated and have won 3 games each and lost none.

The day began with a high scoring affair as New Brunswick and Newfoundland battle until the very end to get the victory. Ultimately it was a single hit from Megan Bennett in the bottom of the seventh inning that gave Newfoundland the lead and the win 11 to 10.

Scores :

New Brunswick 10, Newfoundland and Labrador 11

NS2 19, Prince Edward Island 1

Ontario 17, Manitoba 3

QC1 9, Alberta 13

NS2 4, New Brunswick 8

Prince Edward Island 1, Newfoundland and Labrador 12

NS1 14, QC2 6

Saskatchewan 7, British Columbia 10


Men's Championship:

Day 2 of the tournament in Victoria ended with close scores all around as teams battle for the top spots in the round robin.

Chris Horvath was on the mound for Tecumseh as he led his team to victory. He went seven innings, allowing one run on two hits and striking out two. Which gave Tecumseh its third victory of the tournament and the standing’s lead.

The host team defeated Nova Scotia, for their first win of the tournament, late last night in a tight 5 to 3 game.

Scores : 

Quebec 2, British Columbia 8

Victoria (host) 3, Tecumseh (ON1) 4

Manitoba 5, Nova Scotia 6

Newfoundland and Labrador 5, Alberta 1

British Columbia 6 , Ilderton (ON2) 9

New Brunswick 1, Tecumseh (ON1) 2

Nova Scotia 3, Victoria (host) 5


(Photo: Christian J. Stewart)