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2015 Men's National ChampionshipsAug 20-24   Miramichi, New Brunswick

Home Run Contest
August 18, 2015

2015 Home Run Derby
Bracket Format:              
   - Names drawn to determine order          
   - 10 batters (1 from each team) hit to determine seeding for semi-finals    
   - Each batter must provide there own pitcher          
Round 1 (determine seeding)   Semi Finals Finals    
Player 1   #1 Seed        
Player 2              
Player 3       Winner #1 v #4    
Player 4              
      #4 Seed        
Player 5              
Player 6           Champion
      #2 Seed        
Player 7              
Player 8              
          Winner #2 v #3    
Player 9              
Player 10   #3 Seed        
   - Four minutes per batter, per round. Timer starts when first pitch is released.    
   - Pitch must be released before time expires          
   - Any home runs hit during the final minute of each turn will stop the timer immediately; timer will
     not start again until batter hits a ball that is not a home run, or swings and misses.  
   - Top 4 home run totals in round 1 advance to semi-finals      
   - Highest total is #1 seed, second highest is #2 seed and so on      
   - Ties in any round broken by a 90 second swing off with no stoppage of time; if a tie remains
     after swing off, batters will engage in successive 3-swing swing offs until there is a winner  
   - Once the second batter hits more than the first batter in any matchup, he will be declared the
     winner and not attempt to hit additional home runs        
   - Each batter entitled to one 45-second time out per round.      
Charity Component:              
   - Miramichi Honda will donate $25 per home run to Kidsport Miramichi    
   - Trip for two to Las Vegas              
   - Second trip available for first batter landing ball in dumpster