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Reporting Process


Baseball Canada has appointed an Independent Third Party who any person within the Baseball Canada community, at any level, can contact to report or discuss incidents of abuse or harassment of any kind.

Baseball Canada has retained Kate Scallion for this role. Kate may be reached directly and independently through the email address below. This is a confidential email address which will only be accessed by the Independent Third Party.

Reports should be made as soon as possible, however all incidents of concern occurring within the Baseball Canada community from any time frame should be brought to the Independent Third Party for review and follow up.

Reporting Abuse or Harassment is often a difficult process. To this end, a person can expect the following when contacting the Independent Third Party:

  • All reports will be kept entirely confidential, in line with the wishes of the person making the complaint. This includes confidentiality from Baseball Canada staff.
  • Complaint will be followed up on in a timely manner.
  • Complaint will be taken seriously, and rigorously examined.
  • Complaint will be managed in the language of your choice.

Should any complaint or concern come to the attention of the CEO or any Baseball Canada representative, it will be forwarded to the Independent Third Party.