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Women in Coaching Program

ImageWhat is the program? 

Baseball Canada's Women in Coaching Program is an initiative that works towards fostering a more inclusive environment for female coaches in the world of baseball. With opportunities for training, learning and networking, the program allows coaches to grow and develop while breaking barriers for girls and women in baseball. 

What does it consist of?

  • The following NCCP clinics free of charge: Initiation, Pitching & Catching, Teaching & Learning, Absolutes, Skills, Strategies and Planning.
  • Peer-mentor component in which you are paired up with a new participant in your cohort each month.
  • Communication platform in which new coaching resources are posted weekly
  • Opportunity for a female-only Comp-Dev clinic 

After a meticulous selection process for 2023/2024, participants for Cohorts 1, 2 and 3 have been chosen! The selection process was based on a variety of factors including previous NCCP training, coaching experience, coaching aspirations and input from the province. We congratulate these coaches on their selection and are excited to see the positive impact they will make on the baseball community:

Cohort 1:

  • Brittany Chan
  • Erinn Chappell
  • Rachel Crawford
  • Ashley Flemington
  • Emily Fournier
  • Liz Gilder
  • Maddi Healy
  • Kathryn Kennaley
  • Brittney Langlais
  • Rachelle LeBlanc
  • Andréanne Leblanc
  • Cydnie Moore
  • Samantha Ostrom
  • Tara Sliwkanich
  • Shayla Suer 
  • Kristy Watson

Cohort 2:

  • Amanda Bourgoin
  • Caitlin Culleton
  • Jen Donaldson 
  • Marylena Florio 
  • Ashley Helmkay
  • Katelyn Heppner
  • Zoe Hicks 
  • Glenna Ingraham
  • Claire Keough
  • Melissa Meacham
  • Jaida Lee
  • Carol Lethbridge 
  • Kayla Musseau
  • Nikki Musseau
  • Jennifer Salzsauler
  • Tina Simpkin
  • Ashley Stewart
  • Ally Stymiest
  • Paige Thompson
  • Madison Willan

In addition, Baseball Canada is pleased to provide a networking opportunity for all 150 coaches who have applied for the program. A document containing the names of coaches in the third cohort will be available here. This larger group aims to facilitate connections and collaboration among female coaches across the country, fostering a supportive community within the program. Applications for the third cohort remain open thrroughout the year, and you can apply at any time to partcipate in this active networking group.

For more information and any questions you may have, please contact Megan Cundari.