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2013 Women's Invitational ChampionshipsJul 11-14   Granby, Québec

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Baseball Canada Senior invitation 2013

Granby, Québec from the 11th to 14th July 2009


Greetings from Granby, QC, home of the 2013 Canadian Senior Women’s Invitational Championships.  This event has been in the planning stages for many months now and we are nearing the start date for the event itself.  Please find enclosed a few details that might assist the teams in better preparing themselves for their arrival.



Transportation and accommodations:

Each team is responsible for the costs stemming from transportation to the event and to and from the stadium.  Teams will also be responsible for accommodations for their players and other personnel.  Our organisation is responsible for the cost incurred for the field itself, be it umpires, grounds crew, scorekeepers etc.

Accommodations for teams:

Great care has been taken in providing adequate accommodations for the teams at the lowest cost possible.  Pricing details were sent out to all the Provincial Baseball Association in March and in April 2013, in the hope that the information would filter done to the various teams attending our event.  Please refer to the Baseball Canada web site for the information regarding our host hotel.

For those teams interested in washing their uniforms, may we suggest one of two Laundry-Mats here in the City!  Your uniforms can be washed for you at a cost of $6.00 per load, or if you prefer the do-it-yourself method, it will cost you $3.00/load.  The choice is yours... do it yourself or get it done.

Ball Park:

All games will be played at the Stade Napoleon Fontaine.  There are 990 individual seats of which roughly 300 are covered.  There is a restaurant on site along with changing rooms and showers.  Game tickets prices are as follows: 12 and under Free, $5.00/day.  Each team member will receive a free pass.

Meet and Greet

The organizing committee has prepared a meet and greet for the six teams participating in the tournament.  There will be a spaghetti dinner served on July 10th 2013, starting at 5 PM, tickets will be given to the team members directly at the door of the restaurant.  Included with the meal there is a soft drink and dessert.  Any other extras are at your expense.  This event will be happening at the Restaurant “Le Plus”, situated at 1 boulevard Mountain, Granby, Qc, J2G 9M5 Tel: 450-375-1964.  I presume it is understood that attendance for all teams is obligatory. 

Pre-Championship meeting:

All chef de Missions and coaches are required to attend the pre-Championship meeting that will be held at the Hotel Granbyen on Wednesday, 10th of July, at 20h00, each team will be required to deposit their rosters.  The umpire supervisor, will be on hand to field any questions you might have concerning the field rules and regulations and/or officiating during the championships.  André Lachance shall also attend the meeting along with a representative from Baseball Quebec.

Team Canada selection:

André Lachance and his coaching staff will be on hand during the tournament to choose thirty (30) players from the various teams on hand.  The players chosen will be required to stay in Granby after the Canadian Championships for the International tournament that will be held the following week here in Granby.  Canada will go head to head with teams from Japan.  In order to be properly prepared for this tournament the women selected will have practices Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday here in Granby.

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Paul Gaudet