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2009 21U (Junior) ChampionshipsDates TBA   Trois-Rivières, Québec

Participant Info

Teams: Players, Coaches and chef de mission

  • Teams must arrive in Trois-Rivières by 15h00, Wednesday August 5th; Sign up will take place in the Laviolette room on site as soon as you arrive; A deposit of 1000$ per team is required in case of damage to the hotel.
  • Trois-Rivières is located between Montreal and Québec, approximately 90 minutes from each city.
  • The Montreal airport is Dorval and the Québec airport is Ancienne Lorette
  • We suggest making arrangements ahead of time and confirming with the organization committee your arrival time and if you need assistance getting from the airport to the hotel
  • The 22 members of each team (18 players, 3 coaches and 1 chef de mission) of each team will be staying at Hôtel du Roy located at 3600 boul. Gene H Kruger. There will be four participants per room, with one bathroom per room. 
  • The hotel is about eight minutes from Exposition Field where Fernard Bédard Stadium is also located.
  • Accommodations are available between Wednesday August 5th and Monday August 10th. The organizing committee is responsible for the cost of accommodations.
  • If required, accommodations will be available Tuesday August 4th for the teams that arrive a day earlier. However, the cost of the accommodations for that particular night will be the team’s responsibility.
  • Transportation (school bus) will be given to the teams who do not have their bus. Transportation to and from the Airport will also be provided to the accommodations site as well as to the field for games and practices. IMPORTANT: Teams arriving by bus will be required to use their own vehicle in order to get around locally.
  • Apart from the Championship banquet that will be held on August 5th, teams will be responsible for their own meals during the championship.
  • There will be food service offered by the accommodation site
  • The Championship banquet will be held on the official site of the accommodations at 19h00.
  • 75% of Games will be played at Fernand Bédard stadium as well at Martin Bergeron field in the Cap de la Madelaine section.
  • Fernand Bédard Stadium has lights as well as an electronic Scoreboard. It also has a press gallery and all the services of a stadium (bathrooms, 4 player’s rooms with showers and a tunnel to get to the dugout).
  • Particulars of the Stadium: The fence is at 317 feet of the lines, 342 and 372 feet. The fence is 18 feet high and the stadium has a capacity of 4000 seated spectators.
  • There is a bar and restaurant service.
  • The pre-championship reunion will be held on Wednesday August 5th at the accommodation site in the Laviolette room. We will inform you of the time shortly.


  • Umpires must arrive at 17h00, Wednesday August 5th
  • Accommodations will include two umpires room
  • The organization committee is responsible for accommodations
  • The umpires need to present a credit card to the reception for telephone, movies as well as other possible expenses
  • Transportation for the umpires to and from the airport as well as to and from the field will be provided by the organization committee.
  • Umpires will receive 40$ per day for food and this will be distributed by the organization committee. The opening banquet is free for umpires.
  • One room is available at Fernand Bédard stadium
  • The pre-championship meeting will be held on Wednesday August 5th 2009 (time and location to be determined).

Accommodations for parents and others

  • Tourism info office: 1-819-375-1122