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2009 Men's National ChampionshipsDates TBA   Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Participant Info


(Players, Coaches, Team Officials, Baseball Canada Representative, Umpires)

Accreditation of everyone involved in the Championship will be required. Teams, coaches, and team officials are to have individual, colour, passport size photos with identification put on a CD and mailed to the Director Host Services (DHS) by July 29. While final line-ups may not be finalized, send all player photos and changes can be made at a later date. 

Photos of Baseball Canada Representative and Umpires will be arranged through the DHS directly.

Travel arrangements for Championship participants flying into Halifax must be provided to the DHS by July 31 so ground transportation can be scheduled. This includes arrival and departure dates and times as well as flight numbers.   Participants will be picked up at the airport, transported to and from accommodations, all games/events, and returned to the airport.   

Games will be played at Beazley Field (Championship Field), Caledonia Road in Dartmouth and Mainland Common, Lacewood Drive in Halifax. Complete schedule is available on the Championship and Baseball Canada web sites. Games begin on Thursday morning, August 20. Each field will have concessions, washrooms, and a first aid station.


All players, coaches, and team officials are required to be in Dartmouth/Halifax by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 19, and at Beazley Field by 6:00 p.m. The Home Run Derby is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. in conjunction with a complimentary Opening Social for all participants.   Individual teams are to wear the same tops (jerseys, warm-up jackets, sweatshirts, etc.) so the team look is coordinated.   Home Run Derby participants are to be in full uniform and are reminded to provide their own pitchers. Please identify your Home Run Derby participant to the DHS.

Opening Ceremonies will be held at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday at Beazley Field. All teams are required to attend, wear coordinated tops (jerseys, warm-up jackets, sweatshirts, etc.), and be at the Dartmouth field by 7:15 p.m.

Accommodations for players, coaches, and team officials will be provided by the Host Committee at the Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) residences for August 19-25 inclusive. Any nights outside these dates will be at the expense of each team and arrangements must be made directly with MSVU.   If your team will not be using the rooms at the University, please let the DHS know immediately. 

Teams are asked to e-mail the names of players, coaches and team officials to the DHS by August 10, so single and double rooms can be assigned. 

All Meals with the exception of the Opening Social are the responsibility of each team. If teams want to take advantage of the meal plan offered by the University, arrangements must be made directly with MSVU by 12 August at the latest.   MSVU can provide cost and meal plan.

Team picture and information are required for the Championship Program. Team pictures are to be a 3 x 7, B&W photo with players identified by Row, L-R.   Include the team name and names of players missing from the photo.   Also required is a list of player information (Player #, Player Name, Position, Bats, Throws, Height, Weight). The picture and information are to be sent via e-mail to Marc Patterson ( by July 25.

Other player/team information can be e-mailed to the DHS for use in promoting the Championship, items of interests the announcers can use during the games, etc.   Items like which player was drafted by which MLB team and when, what individual awards or records a player has, accomplishments by individual players or the team, players Best Baseball Moment.


Baseball Canada Representative and Umpires must arrive in Dartmouth/Halifax area by August 19. Umpire arrival time to be determined by the Umpire Supervisor.   Ground transportation and host drivers will be provided. Accommodations have been arranged at the Park Place Hotel & Conference Centre – Ramada Plaza in Dartmouth and are paid for by the Host Committee from August 19 to 25 inclusive. Baseball Canada Representative and Umpire arrivals and departures outside these dates must arrange their own accommodation and cover their own costs. A meal per diem to cover the meal costs during the Championship will be provided.

Baseball Canada Representative and Umpires are invited to attend all events associated with the Championship. This includes the Home Run Derby/Opening Social and Opening/Closing Ceremonies.


Pre-Championship Baseball Canada meeting will be held at 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 19 in the Community Centre next to Beazley Field in Dartmouth. A representative from each team is required to attend.

Pre-Championship Umpires meeting will also be held on August 19, 10:00 p.m. at the Park Place Hotel & Conference Centre – Ramada Plaza.


A Host Hotel has now been identified. It is the Park Place Hotel & Conference Centre – Ramada Plaza in Dartmouth and the special nightly rate is $109.

Ticket prices as follows and are available for purchase through the Championship web site. 

Age Level

Round Robin Game

Playoff Game

26 Game Package*





Senior (55 & Over)




Youth (18 & Under)




* Game Package includes all round robin and playoff games.

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Baseball Canada Website:                
Dartmouth Championship Website:   

Director Host Services - DHS

Joyce Dagnall

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Park Place Hotel & Conference Centre – Ramada Plaza
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