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More Canadians drafted in day two of the MLB Draft

Two current National Team Junior Players, short stop Wesley Darvill and right-handed pitcher Steven Inch were both taken early on day two of the draft. Respectively going in the 5th (170th overall) and 6th (197 overall) round. Darvill from British Columbia was selected by the Chicago Cubs and Inch from Alberta was selected by the Philadelphia Phillies.

Other Canadians on day two include: Chad Stang outfielder (RD 8 - Brewers), Josh Garton outfielder (RD 12 - Reds), Adam Nelubowich third baseman (RD 14 - Mariners), Jeff Hunt third baseman (RD 15 - Dodgers), Peter Bako catcher (RD 15 - Pirates), David Narodowski short stop (RD 15 - Diamondbacks), Mitch Clarke left-handed pitcher (RD 19 - Reds), Jon Hesketh left-handed pitcher (RD 20 - Mariners), Jerome Werniuk right-handed pitcher (RD 20 - Rangers), Terrence Dayleg short stop (RD 22 - Marlins), Jay Johnson left-handed pitcher (RD 25 - Orioles), Mike Monster right-handed pitcher (RD 25 - Reds), Chandler McLaren outfielder (RD 29 - Brewers), Royce Consigli outfielder (RD 30 - A's), Brandon Petite right-handed pitcher (RD 30 - Astros) 

As of 9 a.m. June 11, 2009