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National Championships: Championship Sunday has Arrived

With Saturday’s action in the books, the National Championships have come to Championship Sunday. The day will terminate in Medal matches after Saturday set the stage. 

13U National Championship

Both Ontario squads will be engaged in Semi-Finals on Sunday. Ontario’s first squad will take on Prince Edward Island and their secondary unit will face the host Repentigny. 

It is no surprise that Ontario reached the Semis as both their teams have managed to remain undefeated. 

Sunday will also see various placement games occur throughout the day.


Manitoba 15, Saskatchewan 8

Ontario (2) 13, Prince Edward Island 3

Repentigny (Host) 15, Nova Scotia 13

British Columbia 5, Alberta 2

Ontario 7, Manitoba 3  

Ontario (2) 11, Québec 8 

15U Ray Carter Cup 

On Saturday, Prince Edward Island defeated the host Oshawa in Quarter-Finals to advance to Semis. PEI will play British Columbia and Manitoba will face Ontario in the other Semi-Final between both top seeded squads. 

PEI has had a very successful tournament thus far, but no team has dominated. With no favourite, Sunday’s medals are truly up for grabs. 


British Columbia 10, Oshawa (Host) 0  

Ontario 11, Québec 8  

Alberta 3, Newfoundland 1  

Manitoba 7, Nova Scotia 1  

Prince Edward Island 10, New Brunswick 0

Saskatchewan 4, Ontario 0  

Prince Edward Island 7, Oshawa (Host) 1 

16U Girls Invitational

The 16U Girls Invitational is the only tournament to have the medal matchups decided. Alberta will face British Columbia for Gold and Nova Scotia and Québec’s first squads will meet for Bronze. 

British Columbia remains undefeated in Bedford. They picked up two wins on Saturday, including an 18-0 shutout over Nova Scotia (2). In typical high-scoring fashion at this tournament, this was alongside another 15-run win by Manitoba. 


Alberta 11, Québec 4  

British Columbia 18, Nova Scotia (2) 0  Final

Manitoba 20, New Brunswick 5  

Newfoundland 14, Prince Edward Island 7  

Alberta 10, Nova Scotia 9  

British Columbia 5, Québec 1  

Ontario 11, Manitoba 10  Final

Saskatchewan 4, Newfoundland 3 

BIGS Seeds Men’s Championship

Perhaps due to their home field advantage, the Chatham Ironmen remain undefeated at the BIGS Seeds Men’s Championship.

Chatham will play British Columbia in Semi-Finals tomorrow, along with Québec taking on Nova Scotia’s first squad. Nova Scotia’s early loss to Québec on Saturday will have them hungry for a rematch Sunday.  


Québec 6, Nova Scotia 5  

Alberta 8, British Columbia 7  

Chatham (Host) 13, Newfoundland 1  

Manitoba 11, Ontario 10 

Nova Scotia 6, New Brunswick 4 

Nova Scotia (2) 3, Alberta 2  

Québec 3, Nova Scotia (2) 1

British Columbia 7, Manitoba 7

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