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Register for the World Masters Games

OTTAWA – The World Masters Games is on the lookout for baseball teams interested in participating in the seventh edition of the event to be held October 10-18, 2009 in Sydney, Australia.

They are looking for teams in the categories of 35+ and 45+ in the A and B grades of the competition.  Anybody can register.  You do not need to be an elite athlete to participate.

The World Masters Games were established in 1985 and are held every four years.  The Games were established to bring together mature aged adults from around the world who share a commitment to the simple philosophy of "sport for life". 

"Masters" is simply an age designation; it does not denote a level of proficiency or a particular achievement.  To compete, all you need to do is to satisfy the age criteria for your sport.

For more information concerning the World Masters Games, contact Sally Jarvis by e-mail at or visit the Games website at