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What is Baseball5?

Baseball5 is a new five-on-five sport derived from traditional Baseball. This faster urban discipline can be played anywhere with no bats and no gloves.


Program Content - Baseball5 program content

Description of play - How to Play Baseball 5
Once the hitter puts the ball in play, he or she must run to first base.

During the game, the runners can leave their base only when the ball is put into play (hit)
by a teammate. 

There can be no more than one player on a base at any time. Ifthere is, the last player to arrive
at the base is called out.

A run is scored when the runner circles the bases to home plate without being called out.

A game consists of FIVE INNINGS . In each inning, theteams take turns playing on
OFFENCE and on DEFENCE with the roles switched when the team ondefence records three outs or when all the players on ateam have had a chance to hit.

How the game is played
A player on the offensive team hits the ball withhis or her hand. The hitter can strike the ball witha hand, fist, wrist or arm. Once hit, the ball must fall within the playing area to be in play. The ball CANNOT
leave the playing area. There are NO Pitchers in Baseball5. There are NO home runs in Baseball5.


Here you will find a link to a document containing all Baseball5 resources, from drills to modules. 

Here you will find a program created for teachers to use in their gym classes.


If you are interested in having Baseball5 played in a school or local group near you, please reach out to Megan Cundari for more information and how to receive your Baseball5 equipment kit.