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National Championships: Action kicks off from BC to Québec

Thursday kicked off the 13U National Western Championship in Surrey, 18U National Championship in London, and 21U Men’s National Championship in Gatineau. 

13U National Western Championship

The National Western Championship saw young teams from west of Ontario compete. Four games were played at the Cloverfield Baseball Parks on Thursday. 

Plenty of runs were scored as British Columbia beat Alberta (2) 19-3 and Manitoba beat Saskatchewan (2) 18-1. 

Manitoba’s squads had overall success, with their second representative club beating Alberta 9-3. 


British Columbia 19, Alberta (2) 3

Manitoba 18, Saskatchewan (2) 1

Manitoba (2) 9, Alberta 3

Saskatchewan 7, Cloverdale (Host) 5

18U National Championship 

The 18U National Championship sees more action from emerging players across Canada following last week’s exciting BIGS Seeds Baseball Canada Cup. 

British Columbia was the only team to pick up two wins after a close one against Alberta and a shut-out over Prince Edward Island. 

Québec also shut out New Brunswick for an 11-0 victory, collecting 16 hits. 


Ontario 3, Saskatchewan 1

Manitoba 10, Nova Scotia 3

British Columbia 2, Alberta 1

Québec 11, New Brunswick 0

British Columbia 8, Prince Edward Island 0

Alberta 11, Nova Scotia 1

London (Host) 4, Ontario 2

21U Men’s National Championship

Bats were swung well after action got underway at Sanscartier Park in Gatineau for the 21U Men’s National Championship.

Both Ontario squads came away with victories. Ontario (2) dominated Manitoba with 13 runs on 9 hits which resulted in the game being called in the fifth. 

Gatineau and Québec both had five hits in their victories. 


Ontario (2) 13, Manitoba 0

Ontario 6, Saskatchewan 2

Québec 5, New Brunswick 1

Gatineau (Host) 8, Nova Scotia 1

Competition throughout the country will continue all weekend. 

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