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2011 18U (Midget) ChampionshipsAug 18-22   Regina, Saskatchewan

Participant Info


AUGUST 18th to 23rd

Greetings from Regina, Saskatchewan: Proud home of the R.C.M.P. and Host of the 2011 Baseball Canada Midget Championship. Plans are well on the way to ensure that players, coaches, team officials and fans, besides playing ball, will have an enjoyable experience in Regina, Saskatchewan (

Teams (Players, Coaches and Team Officials):

Teams must arrive in Regina by 3:00 PM on Wednesday, August 17, 2011.

Players and coaches are asked to attend an opening banquet starting at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, August 17th. Fans and parents will be more than welcome but will have to pay a small fee.

Pre-Championship Meeting:

Will be held at the University of Regina at 9:00 PM Wednesday, August 17th. Each team is permitted only to send two reps per team and their Chef de mission.


Transportation will be provided for players, coaches, managers, umpires and officials to and from the ball fields.

All teams and officials will be picked up at the Regina International Airport and transported to your accommodation.


All games are played at Optimist Park and Currie Field. Both fields have lighting, washrooms and concessions.

Map of Regina and Directions and Baseball Diamond locations > Click Here

Opening ceremonies:

Will be at Optimist Park at 6:15 PM on Thursday, August 18, 2011. All teams, umpires and officials are expected to be there. Transportation will be provided.

Accommodations for players, coaches and team officials):

You will be staying at the beautiful residence at the University of Regina, in four and two bedroom apartments. Players will be two or three to a bedroom and will have their own beds. Coaches and officials will be two to each bedroom and will be in the two bedroom apartments. Each apartment has a living room and kitchen with a stove and fridge.

You will be able to use the swimming pool and gym facilities at the University.

Please note:

University of Regina Residence Services provides visiting hotel and conference groups with both bed linens and towels.  For athletic groups, extra towels are offered because of the level of physical activity.

Please click on the link below, in red, for information/pictures of players, coaches, team official accommodations:

University of Regina/North & South Residences


Breakfast (and other meals) will be available at the University. We will be sending each team the costs of meals plus other options.

For further information on the University, click on their website, below, in red:

Accommodations for Umpires and Baseball Canada Officials:

Will be staying at the Chateau Regina Hotel & Suites,
1110 Victoria Ave East
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4N 7A9

Telephone 306-565-0455 Toll Free Reservations 1-866-937-1131 Fax 306-569-0012


Should arrive in Regina by 4:00 PM on Wednesday, August 17th. Transportation will be provided from and to the Regina Airport and for both ball fields.

A pre-tournament meeting for umpires will be held at the Chateau Regina Hotel & Suites at 10:00 PM on Wednesday, August 17th at which time you will receive a meal per diem.

Accommodations for Parents & Fans:

You can also stay at the Chateau Regina Hotel & Suites. We have blocked off 46 double guest rooms, which are priced at $109.00; 15 single guest rooms priced at $89.00 and 6 executive suites priced at $149.00. These are excellent prices and the rooms will only be held until July 17, 2011. When making reservations make sure you tell them you’re with the Baseball Canada Midget Championship. For more details on the hotel, go to their website

Also just to make the umpires, Baseball Canada officials and fans stay a little more enjoyable, there will be a hospitality room at the hotel


If you’re planning to attend, you will need to pre-register by email to

Game Ticket Prices:

The greatest deal you’ll ever get.

Tournament pass $25.00

Family pass $40.00

Day pass $10.00

Game pass $5.00

All children at the age of 14 or under accompanied by an adult – free

Tournament passes will go on sale June 15th

Host Contacts:

Tournament Chairman - Cas Pielak
Phone # 306-525-4622
Cell# 306-536-5340
Fax # 306-347-8550

Finance - John Hoffman
Phone # 306-586-6948

Practice Schedule & Game Schedule - Norm Loehr
Phone # 306-543-9684
Cell # 306-596-1661


new, added July 14th

TO BE FILLED IN 24-HOURS PRIOR - eg meals for Friday fill in on Thursday - to be handed in at university
For Thursday, August 18th - please email with menu selection
Day Breakfast lunch Dinner  
1 Market Fresh Sliced Fruit Grilled Beef Burger (2/person) Meat Lasagna  
Scrambled Eggs Grilled Vegetable Burger Garlic Bread Stick  
Hashbrowns Coleslaw Vegetable Lasagna  
Sausages Condiments Chef's Choice Vegetables   
White & Brown Toast Pitcher of juices and ice water Pitcher of juices and ice water  
Coffee and Tea Soup of the Day  
Pitcher of Juices  
2 Muffins, Croissants & pastries Sandwiches - filling includes Pizza Night  
Preserves and butter Turkey Breast, Black Forest Ham  Pepperoni   
Market Fresh Sliced Fruit , Humus and Veggies Ham and Pineapple  
Yogurts and Cereals Pasta Salad Meat lovers  
White & Brown Toast Pitcher of juices and ice water Cheese   
Coffee and Tea Soup of the Day Pitcher of juices and ice water  
Pitcher of Juices      
Market Fresh Sliced Fruit hot dog (2/person) Chicken Quesadilla  
Scrambled Eggs Veggie Hot Dog (2/person) Pom Pom Potatoes  
Hashbrowns Coleslaw Vegetable Quesadilla   
Bacons Pitcher of juices and ice water Pitcher of juices and ice water  
White & Brown Toast Soup of the Day  
Coffee and Tea  
Pitcher of Juices      
Muffins, Croissants & pastries Sandwiches - filling includes Pasta Night  
Preserves and butter Roast Beef, Egg salad, chicken & veggies  Macoroni and cheese  
Market Fresh Sliced Fruit Ceaser Salad  Garlic Toast  
Yogurts and Cereals Pitcher of juices and ice water Garden Salad  
White & Brown Toast Soup of the Day Pitcher of juices and ice water  
Coffee and Tea  
Pitcher of Juices  
5 Market Fresh Sliced Fruit Grilled Chicken Burger (2/person) Beef On a Bun  
Scrambled Eggs Grilled Veggie Burger (2/person) Marinated Italian Salad  
Hashbrowns Pasta Salad Pitcher of juices and ice water  
Sausages Pitcher of juices and ice water  
White & Brown Toast Soup of the Day  
Coffee and Tea  
Pitcher of Juices  
Days Menu Number of Guests  Price Total
  Hot Breakfast  $                                                  9.00  
  Continental Breakfast  $                                                  5.50  
  Lunch  $                                                  7.40  
  Dinner  $                                                  9.99  
      Sub Total                           
  GST 5%  
  PST 5%  
Your choice of hot breakfast or continental breakfast.