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2007 Bantam Girls ChampionshipsDates TBA   Québec, Québec

Participant Info

TEAMS: (Players, Coaches, Team Officials)

●          Teams must be in Quebec by 4:00 PM, Webnesday August 08/07.

●          Quebec city, the Capital of its namesake province has over 650 000 inhabitants. For all tourism information about Quebec, visit web site : or

●          The twenty-two members (18 players, three coaches and a Chef of Mission)   of each visiting team will be house at Laval University Residences located on Laurier Boulevard, Quebec. Turn left after shopping center. If you need extra room for team staff, the cost will be $40.00 for a single room and $60.00 for a double room. If you wish to stay at another location, the host committee will not compensate your team. The host committee will provide you with information on local hotels (see below).

●          Team accommodations are available on Wednesday, August 08/07, Monday August 13/07. The Host Committee is responsible for the room cost.

●          Local transportation will be provided for all team members. Transportation will be provided to and from the Jean-Lesage airport to Laval University and to and from the baseball facilities for the competitions and other championship events. Teams that will be arriving in their own buses are asked to use their bus for championship transportation throughout the event. We ask the teams to confirm 30 days before the championship their arrivals either by plane or by bus. The host committee will not pick teams up at Trudeau Airport in Montréal. We will provide you information about bussing to Quebec City soon. Local transportation will be provided only to teams staying at Laval University.

●          Other then the Opening Ceremony, Wednesday, August 08/07, visiting teams are responsible for their own meals during the tournament. The Laval University will provide special team menus prior to arrival if they so wish. The cost will be $32.50 per day per player. Transportation to University cafeteria will not be provided to teams not staying on campus.

You must confirm to the committee 30 days before if you are going to be using the cafeteria services by sending a check to the committee. If you are interested, you must write a check to the order of : Championnat Canadien de baseball 2007 and send the check at this address 180 rue de la Drôme, Québec (Québec) G2N 2E9.

Breakfast 6:30am-9am

Lunch 11.30am-13.30pm

Dinner 4.30pm-6:30pm

Lunch bags will be available on demand

All games will be played at park du Plateau and Fargy.

Park du Plateau (Cap Rouge)

4575, rue de la Promenade-des-Sœurs, Quebec

From Highway 40 West, exit Route Jean-Gauvin South. Straight ahead on du Domaine, turn right on Promenade-des-Soeurs. Up the hill and cross the railways. Continued on Promenade-des-Soeurs on your left. The park is on your left on second stop.

Park Fargy (Beauport)

655, boul des Chutes, Quebec, G1E 2B6

On Blvd de la Capitale (Highway 40 East), exit Seigneurial, at light turn left. At Seigneurial turn right till Royal Avenue. Royal Avenue turn right till L’Académie (second street). Turn left. You’ll see the park in front of you.

●          Pre-Championship meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 07/07 at Laval University. Pavillion Alphonse-Desjardins.


●          Umpires must arrive by 5:00 PM Wednesday August 08/07.

●          Accommodations for the umpires are available from Wednesday August 08/07, Monday August 12/07 at Laval University. The Host Committee is responsible for the room cost. If you need extra nights, please inform the committee. The cost will also be $40.00 for single room and $60.00 for double occupation. Umpires travelling by car won’t have their Monday night covered if the tournament is over by Sunday.

●          The Host Committee will provide transportation for the umpires to and from the airport and to and from the ball facilities.

●          The Host Committee will provide umpires a $40.00$ meal per diem per day. The opening ceremony will be at no cost to the umpires.

●          An umpire’s change room is available at the ball park.

●          Pre-championship umpires meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 08/07 at Laval University, pavilion Alphonse-Desjardins. Meeting room will be confirmed later.





●          Accommodations for fans, parents and scouts can be made with the host hotel, Hotel Jaro.

            For individual reservation call 1-800-567-5276 and just mention the Canadian Baseball Championship 2007.

            For group’s reservation call or (418) 658-5624 ext; 6140


●         Team’s photography will be taken before the championship. Active photos will be taken of team with an onsite display for you to view the photos and purchase your favorite action shots.


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