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Stratford Minor Baseball joins West Prince as RBI Approved

OTTAWA- Fresh off the heels of West Prince Minor Baseball becoming the first RBI Approved association in PEI, Stratford Minor Baseball has joined them as the second association to do so.

Stratford Minor Baseball also becomes the 11th baseball association to meet all of the criteria of the Baseball Canada’s RBI Program since the initiative was introduced in 2008.

The association, which began 25 years ago under the name Bunbury Southport Crossroads, became known as Stratford Minor Baseball in 1995.

“Our biggest growth is in the Rookie and Mosquito age groups, as we are the fastest growing area on PEI and a lot of young families are moving in,” explained Matt O’Shea, President of Stratford Minor Baseball. “We decided to apply to become RBI Approved because of the growth of our younger groups.”

During the 2010 season, Stratford’s numbers rose to see almost 200 kids participate in baseball which shows not only a rise in the town’s population but an increasing interest in baseball and the strength of the programs being offered.

The popularity in the sport is also due to the close relationship that Stratford Minor Baseball has with the local recreation department.

“Our association works closely with our local recreation department, who hire young people to help run our day programs,” added Mr. O’Shea. “Rachel Arsenault who is an assistant recreation director was very involved in helping.”

With increasing numbers in population and registration, strong support from the community and through the work of dedicated volunteers such as Mr. O’Shea and Ms. Arsenault, Stratford Minor Baseball is headed for a bright future.

“I believe our association will be better off in the fact that we can offer a program that is being developed all across Canada,” noted Mr. O’Shea. “Hopefully (we can) tap into some finances to help develop our coaches as well.”

To find out more about the RBI Program and how your association can become RBI Approved, please click here.