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St.James Assiniboia latest to become RBI Approved

OTTAWA- The St. James Assiniboia Minor Baseball Association from Manitoba is the most recent organization to meet the requirements of the Reaching Baseball Ideals (RBI) Program and as such, is now RBI Approved. St. James Assiniboia Minor Baseball is the 14th association in Canada to meet the RBI requirements and also the 4th to do so in Manitoba.

“We decided to get RBI Approved because after reviewing the information we thought, WOW! We are already doing these things,” said Lynne Schmidt, President of St. James Assiniboia Minor Baseball. “Our executive decided why not be formally recognized by Baseball Canada.”

Like most associations in Canada, St. James Assiniboia is competing with other local sport organizations for participants. With the RBI designation, the association now feels that the legitimacy of being recognized by the National Sport Federation will help sway kids and parents towards baseball.

“There is competition for athletic programs in which parents can enroll their children,” explained Schmidt.  “As an RBI designate, we can assure parents that there is a solid foundation behind what we offer and we are committed to providing excellence in our program.”

This season, over 400 players registered in the association, that has been in existence since 1967,  which according to Schmidt is a number to be proud of considering the size of the community.

An exciting element of this registration number is the fact that the Rally Cap Program increased by six teams this season, which bodes well for the future of baseball in the community.

“We felt it (becoming RBI Approved) was a way of affirming how our association, although small, strives to meet the best criteria we can as outlined in the RBI program,” continued Schmidt. “This applies not only to the great baseball programs but also quality development of coaches and umpires.”

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