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National Championships : Round Robin Wraps-Up on day 3 of National Championships

Round Robin games come to a close as teams are fighting to stay in the tournament and win the title of National Champions.

DQ® 13U National Championship:

In Woodstock, the weather allowed only 4 of the 6 schedule games to be completed.

Prince Edward Island won their first game of the tournament 5-0 against Manitoba. Graysen LaPorte was on the mound for that first victory and allowed two hits and zero runs over six innings and striked out 13.

Both, British Columbia and Nova Scotia won convincingly against their opponents Quebec Grey and Woodstock respectively. British Columbia won 13 to 1 and Nova Scotia 10 to 2.

Scores :

Quebec Grey 1, British Columbia 13

Alberta 1, Quebec Blue 2

Woodstock (Host) 2, Nova Scotia 10

Prince Edward Island 5, Manitoba 0

Ontario 3, Quebec Grey 3 (Suspended 5th inning)

Saskatchewan 10, Alberta 1 (Suspended 5th inning)


Ray Carter Cup (15U Championship):

At the end of the Round Robin, Saskatchewan is the only team that is still undefeated. Their 10-0 win over New Brunswick secured them the top spot and a direct place into the semi-finals.

After losing both of their first games of the day, New Brunswick and Oshawa (Host) still secured a spot in the first Medal Round Games, the quarter-final. Oshawa’s 11 hits is what gave them the lead and ultimately the win against New Brunswick.

Scores :

Oshawa 2, British Columbia 3

Ontario 2, Quebec 0

Newfoundland and Labrador 3, Alberta 5

Manitoba 4, Nova Scotia 8

Saskatchewan 10, New Brunswick 0

Prince Edward Island 4, Ontario 5

QF – New Brunswick 2, Oshawa (Host) 9


16U Girls Invitational:

The day began in Bedford with two Medal Round Games. Both quarter-final winners, Ontario and NS1, won their game with two digits scores. Ontario won 12 to 1 over British Columbia and NS1 won 11 to 1 against Newfoundland and Labrador.

Their wins secured them a place in the semi-finals games opposing QC1 and Alberta. Both games ended up with much closer scores. QC1 stole the lead late in the game from Ontario and won 10 to 9. As for Alberta, they couldn’t come back from NS1 9 runs in the second inning. NS1 defeated Alberta 14 to 12. Which earned NS1 its spot in the Gold Medal Game against QC1 that will take place on Sunday.

Scores :

QF – British Columbia 1, Ontario 12

QF – Newfoundland and Labrador 1, NS1 11

QC2 11, Prince Edward Island

NS2 14 New Brunswick 4

SF- Ontario 9, QC1 10

SF- NS1 14, Alberta 12

Manitoba 8, NS2 2

QC2 10, Saskatchewan 6


Men's Championship:

Tecumseh still is undefeated and is taking the lead of the standings after day 3 of the tournament. They have been awarded a place in the semi-final game happening tomorrow.

Opposing them will be the host team Victoria who won in the quarter-final against Quebec. Its Lance Burrows homerun in the top of the sixth that broke the tie scoring three runs and helping his team take the lead. Victoria won 11 to 4 against Quebec.

New Brunswick also won their semi-final game. Their 6 to 1 win over Ilderton has earned them a sport in the semi-finals.

Scores : 

Ilderton (ON2) 16, Newfoundland and Labrador 7

Tecumseh (ON1) 7, Manitoba 1

Nova Scotia 1, New Brunswick 3

Quebec 8, Alberta 7

British Columbia 7, Newfoundland and Labrado 3

Victoria (Host) 3, Manitoba 1

QF – Victoria (Host ) 11, Quebec 5

QF - Ilderton (ON2) 1, New Brunswick 6