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2014 Women's ChampionshipsAug 14-18   Surrey, British Columbia

Participant Info

Welcome to the 2014 Womens Championships!  Whalley Athletic Park is located in the heart of the new downtown core of Surrey, BC and the diamond itself has been used for both Provincial and National events in the past. This will give you a better idea of where we are situated in the Vancouver area – pretty much right in the middle of the two airports, Vancouver International and Abbotsford.  

This link will take you to photos of the ball park and you can see the diamond we’ll be using for yourself.  The practice diamond is in the northwest corner of the park and is quite a bit smaller as it is used primarily for the Junior division.  We also have batting cages that will be available for team booking.  

Tournament passes are $20 in advance via email - - or $25 at the gate.  Day tickets are also available for $6 each Thursday or Friday; $8 each Saturday or Sunday.  Look for a 2 for one coupon in the Surrey Now Newspaper!

The Opening Ceremonies will start on Wednesday the 13th at 6:15 pm at the Nat Bailey Stadium in Vancouver where we'll be guests of the Vancouver Canadians Professional Ball Team!  We'll have a parade around the warning track prior to their game against the Everett Aquasox while a short announcement is read about our tournament. The tournament logo will be shown on the big screen and we hope to generate some fans who will come and watch our games :).  In lieu of a banquet, we will be providing teams with "Canadians Bucks" to purchase food at the ballpark during the game.

A very BIG THANK YOU to the Vancouver Canadians for their most generous donation of tickets for all the players and coaches as well as a great rate for our out-of-town-fans!  It's even fireworks night - what could be better?  We hope that it will be memorable night for all.

All 16 games at Whalley Athletic Stadium will be live streamed here so if you can't make the trip, you can still watch all of the games!  On Thursday, the Opening Ceremonies will be played prior to each game.

Here’s to a great tournament experience for everyone!

Diana Fournier
Tournament Director