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Baseball Canada reaches 17,000 certified coaches!

OTTAWA- Baseball Canada is pleased to announce that 17,000 coaches are now registered through the National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP). The milestone number came in the month of March as coaches around Canada are busy registering for clinics in order to become certified for the upcoming baseball season.

“This is positive news for Baseball Canada and each of the Provincial organizations right on down to the individual associations,” says Baseball Canada Program Coordinator Kelsey McIntosh. “These coaches have recognized the value in being trained to coach baseball. The skills they acquire from the clinics are essential to the growth and development of baseball within Canada.”

Becoming a certified baseball coach is important for the sustainability of the sport in Canada. Certified coaches lead to a better overall experience for coaches, players, parents and officials involved in the game.

In collaboration with the Coaching Association of Canada, Baseball Canada has developed a great tool for all coaches involved in baseball at the community level in Canada. By visiting coaches can register to take the on-line module (initiation coach clinic), register for future coaching clinics, and receive a lot of useful coaching tips and drills.

Important note: If you have completed NCCP certification in baseball and are NOT signed up on , you can register for FREE by clicking here. Simply complete the registration form and be sure to check the box at the bottom of the form and click CONTINUE.