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Baseball Canada seeks Canada

Do you have a gem of a baseball diamond in your community that you think is one of the finest in Canada? How does your field stack up against other ballparks around the nation?

Now is YOUR chance to showcase YOUR ballpark against others in the country as Baseball Canada is pleased to announce the Canada’s Favourite Ballpark contest.

Ballparks all over Canada are important meeting places for community members. Often, communities take great pride in their ballpark as a place where everyone, young and old, can come together and enjoy themselves, whether it be playing, coaching, watching or officiating a game.

“Community baseball diamonds provide broad opportunities for participation and are strategic settings for promoting and implementing Canadian Sport for Life concepts of Physical Literacy, Enhanced Excellence and Active For Life that Baseball Canada embraced by creating programs such as Rally Cap, Grand Slam, Pitch Count and Reaching Baseball Ideals,” said Ray Carter, President of Baseball Canada. “Baseball Canada believes that governments should ensure that community diamonds provide the public active living opportunities for all ages in baseball in the dedicated baseball areas. Baseball diamonds across Canada can assist the development of fundamental movement skills by providing safe and challenging environments for unstructured as well as organized toddler and preschooler play, available everyday during the baseball season.”

The contest is easy to enter! Simply describe why your park is Canada’s Favourite Ballpark in 200 words or less, including such details as: park history, events hosted at the park, who uses the park while including TWO photos of the park and e-mail to:  

Deadline to submit your entry is June 27th by 4pm ET.

Once all entries are received, Baseball Canada will select the top 16 ballparks. These 16 ballparks will be randomly placed into 4 groups with 4 entries in each group. Each week, beginning July 11th, a group of four ballparks will be showcased where fans will be able to vote on for their favourite ballpark amongst the group of four. The ballpark with the most votes each week will advance to the semi-final round where again they will be matched-up against another park where voting will determine the two finalists. The final round voting will then determine Canada’s Favourite Ballpark!

The winning ballpark will receive recognition from Baseball Canada with a banner recognizing Canada’s Favourite Ballpark amongst other prizes.

The dates for the contest are as follows:

  • June 27th (4pm ET): All entries must be received via e-mail to:  
  • July 8th (12pm ET): Baseball Canada will reveal the Top 16 ballparks
  • July 11th (12pm ET)-
    July 18th (10am ET): Voting for 1st group of 4 ballparks
  • July 18th (12pm ET)-
    July 25th (10am ET): Voting for 2nd group of 4 ballparks
  • July 25th (12pm ET)-
    August 1st (10am ET): Voting for 3rd group of 4 ballparks
  • August 1st (12pm ET)-
    August 8th (10am ET): Voting for 4th group of 4 ballparks
  • August 8th (12pm ET)-
    August 15th (10am ET): Voting for Week 1 winner vs. Week 2 winner (semi-final #1)
  • August 15th (12pm ET)-
    August 22nd (10am ET): Voting for Week 3 winner vs. Week 4 winner (semi-final #2)
  • August 22nd (12pm ET)-
    September 6th 10am ET): Voting for two finalists
  • September 7th (12pm ET): Canada’s Favourite Ballpark is announced on

*Please note, that stadiums/ballparks where any type of professional baseball is currently played are not eligible for the contest.