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MLB Draft: Day 3 Canadian Results

OTTAWA- Day 3 of the MLB Draft saw 18 Canadians selected by various Major League clubs bringing the total to 35 Canadians drafted during the three day event.

Baseball Canada would like to congratulate all players drafted and wish them success as their baseball careers move forward.

Here is the complete list of Canadians drafted:

1.       RHP Robson, Tom (Ladner, BC) Toronto 4th (139)

2.       *1B Gretzky, Trevor (Thousand Oaks, CA) Chicago (N) 7th (219)

3.       C Houle, Dustin (Penticton, BC) Milwaukee 8th (251)

4.       OF Larsson, Chase (Vancouver, BC) Atlanta 9th (296)

5.       RHP Covington, Vaughn (Vancouver, BC) Cincinnati 11th (355)

6.       RHP Paulencu, Adam (Sherwood Park, AB) San Francisco 13th (417)

7.       C Marra, Justin (Toronto, ON) Chicago (N) 15th (459)

8.       SS Cuckovich, Nic (Victoria, BC) Kansas City 17th (516)

9.       SS Jamieson, Sean (Simcoe, ON) Oakland 17th (526)

10.   RHP Dygestile-Therrien, Jesen (Montréal, QC) Philadelphia 17th (541)

11.   RHP Elias, Ethan (Entwistle, AB) Chicago (N) 22nd (669)

12.   3B Jones, Jonathan (Montréal, QC) San Francisco 23rd (717)

13.   SS Atkinson, Justin (Surrey, BC) Toronto 26th (799)

14.   RHP Suppa, Roberto (Connor, ON) San Diego      26th (803)

15.   3B Bell, Carter (Courtenay, BC) Arizona 29th (874)

16.   OF Hayes, Dustin (Langley, BC) Chicago (A) 29th (891)

17.   LHP Hansen, Jake (Fort Macleod, AB) New York (N) 30th (912)

18.   LHP McDonald, Sheldon (Spruce Grove, AB) Chicago (N) 33rd (999)

19.   SS Wickens, Stephen (Whitby, ON) Minnesota 33th (1018)

20.   LHP Dartnell, Ben (East St.Paul, MB) Boston 34th (1042)

21.   RHP Janisse, Skylar (Maidstone, ON) New York (A) 34th (1049)

22.   OF Scammell, Cory (Edmonton, AB) Seattle 35th (1053)

23.   RHP Thompson, Ryan (Fort McMurray, AB) New York (A) 36th (1109)

24.   3B Wood, Eric (Pickering, ON) Oakland 37th (1125)

25.   RHP Williams, Leslie(Toronto, ON) Toronto 37th (1129)

26.   RHP Cox, Chris (St.George, ON) Toronto 39th (1189)

27.   3B Hendriks, Brendan (Cochrane, AB) Philadelphia 40th (1231)

28.   3B Harris, Jalen (Toronto, ON) Milwaukee 41st (1241)

29.   2B Hawkins, Joey (Whitby, ON) Kansas City 42nd (1266)  

30.   LHP Davis, Shane (Belmont, ON) Toronto 42nd (1279)      

31.   LHP Eliopoulos, Jake (Newmarket, ON) Toronto 43th (1309)

32.   OF Adam, Steve (Tecumseh, ON) Milwaukee 44th (1331)

33.   RHP Marra, Andrew(LaSalle, ON) New York (N) 45th (1362)

34.   RHP Nixon, Robert (Welland, ON) Cleveland 46th (1388)

35.   RHP Brown, Eric (Thunder Bay, ON) Toronto 50th (1518)

Bold indicates Junior National Team Member or Alumni

 *Born and raised in the United States, father is Canadian.