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Rally Cap On Film

BELOEIL - Baseball Canada’s Rally Cap program received a wonderful homage over the weekend as a film crew with Baseball Canada came to produce an educative film with some Rally Cap participants from the community of Beloeil.

The objective of the film is to show what the Rally Cap program entails, as well as show the kids’ enthusiasm and the skills and drills they practice throughout the weeks.

“The city of Beloeil has seen the most success with the Rally Cap program amongst all minor baseball associations across the country.  That’s why Baseball Canada chose to have the film done here,” explains Sylvain Poissant, Rally Cap coordinator for Baseball Québec.

“Baseball Canada’s selection of the Beloeil Minor Baseball Association (ABMB) confirms the excellent work done by our Rally Cap director Marc Hallée and his team of volunteers in the city.  In fact, in the last four years, registration has gone up 612 percent,” says Sylvain Joubert, President of the ABMB.

“After Baseball Québec recognized the results we were having in our association, thanks to Mr. Hallée attending the last provincial convention, now all of Canada will recognize the success that we’ve had,” adds Joubert.

The project, which is funded by Baseball Canada, will be made available on DVD in both English and French and will distributed along with the other Rally Cap materials at the start of the season.