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Source: Pier-Luc Nappert

Montréal, QC- Baseball Québec won the prestigious title of Sports Federation of the year in Québec. Baseball Québec took the award ahead of the Soccer and Diving Federations, who were also nominated.

"We want to share this honour with everyone,” said Jean Boulais, President of Baseball Québec. “It was not possible to do this work without the involvement of our volunteers across the province. They really contributed to achieving our mission which is to enable our youth to grow as athletes and as individuals.

Last season, Baseball Québec increased its enrolment by 7%, solidifying the foundation of young players and propelling its elite programs. Québec teams won five medals at six National Championship tournaments last year. There are also a record number of Québecers playing in U.S. university programs and in the professional ranks. Québecer Russell Martin took part in the Major League Baseball All-Star game and was an important part of the New York Yankees, while Philippe Aumont in knocking on the door of the major leagues. Jonathan Malo was a key player in Canada’s Gold Medal triumph at the Pan American Games. Jonathan Jones and Jesen Dygestile-Therrien were also selected in last June’s Amateur Draft.

"Québec radiates both nationally and internationally, but they must not forget all the boys and girls who play on our fields each summer,” continued Boulais. “It is they who represent the majority of our members. Many programs have been established to promote women's baseball and make the sport more accessible to younger people.”

On the administrative side, Baseball Québec has established partnerships in the last season with the only Canadian team in Major League Baseball, the Toronto Blue Jays, as well as the only professional baseball team in Québec, the Québec Capitales. In addition, significant financial partnerships were signed in 2011, including New Era, Mizuno, Tim Hortons and the Vertude Group.

Finally, Baseball Québec would like to congratulate all other sport federations including co-nominees soccer and diving.